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Here are the fonts used for the cover of the book, Edward, Bella’s and Jacob’s handwriting.
You can download them right here by clicking on the link below the font!

IMPORTANT NOTE: The font will not come up in a computer’s font list (mac or PC) as the name it shows here. Edward comes up as “Be Safe”. Jacob comes up as “Almagro”. Alice comes up as “joeHand”. And Bella comes up as “Pablo”.

Edward Font (51590) - 33.92 KB

Bella Font (33564) - 42.41 KB

Alice Font (11569) - 15.25 KB

Jacob Font (26381) - 19.27 KB

How to Install The Fonts

(NOTE: these instructions could vary by computer/operating system/internet bowser)


~Coming Soon!~


1. Click on the font you want to download above to download it. Your downloads manager should pop up (shown below):

2. Click on the little circle with the magnifying glass symbol in it. Then a new finder window should pop up with the file hi-lighted. Double click on that to open the font installer window (shown below):

3. Then click on the button that says “Install Font.” The font should install itself and your font book (shown below) should open up.

Fonts c/o Twilighters

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