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Sue-Anne Ward
Vickie Bruce
Supportive Care/Assignment 1
due June 15/2009

What adaptations would you make
to how you provide service?
  • Supplies given
  • Each environment
  • Working alone
  • Assessing clients need
  • Following each agencies policies
  • Working as a team
  • Time management
  • Shift work
  • Follow facility policies
  • What factors would you have
    to consider?
  • May not have a lot of money
  • Families needs
  • Agencies policies
  • Medical problems
  • Safe environment
  • Age of client
  • Residents needs
  • Facility policy
  • Helping client feel at home
  • How are the needs different or the
    same, explain
  • More home cleaning
  • Assist with meds
  • Help preparing meals
  • Can perform most ADLís
  • More complex care
  • Limited mobility
  • Conditions usually worsen
  • Need assistance with most ADLís
  • What issues might you face in the
    that would be
    different than the ones faced
    in a long term care facility?
    (ethical issues, scheduling,
    equipment, etc.
  • May not have lifts
  • May use different equip.
  • Cultural differences
  • May need a car
  • May have no family
  • Family does not agree with care plan
  • Long hours/nightshift
  • What specific things would you
    do as a PSW to promote each
    section of DIPPS?
    D - encourage client to do
    ADLís by self
    I - encourage them to go out
    in the community
    P - have them pick meal or
    clothing themselves
    P - not get involved in
    family matters
    S - assist with keeping
    home free of hazards
    D - make sure resident is
    covered during bathing/changing
    I - have client brush own
    P - have client pick out
    P - leave if resident wants
    to make a personal call
    S - make sure to use lifts