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Hi there my "online handle" is DarkBeauty and here are some Twilight codes I've found surfing that are great for your website, profile or blog. Sorry I don't have a myspace profile but if you are a hardcore twilighter then you may be a member of either the TwiFans or the Twilight Saga Communities, if so then feel free to add me as a friend.

Twilight Graphic Cubes


Dark Edward cube Graphic Code:

Forum Code:

Twilight Handwriting Fonts

Twilight fonts used for the cover of the book, Edward's handwriting. IMPORTANT NOTE: The font will not come up in a computer’s font list (mac or PC) as the name it shows here. Edward comes up as “Be Safe”.

Edward Font (51590) - 33.92 KB

Twilight Web Clocks

Twilight Movie Cast Clock
Clock Code

Twilight Myspace Layouts

MySpace layouts featuring Bella Swan, Edward Cullen and all your favorite characters from the Twilight movie.

Cullen family myspace layout Bella & Edward 4ever  myspace layout Evil is a choice myspace layout

Twilight Movie Soundtracks/Playlists

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